28th April 2013 Air Ambulance Charity Run

Norton Club Air Ambulance 2013 008

Well we finally did it, after nearly a year of talking about it!

We were blessed with a super riding day weather wise and there were 22 bikes and 2 sidecar outfits when we left East Dereham Railway Station, with some leaving and some joining us on-route. We continued onto Swaffham, and then onto Fakenham Garden Centre, who provided us with a prominent parking space prompting much interest in our Nortons.  Budgeons of Holt was the next stop. They had collected lots of donations for the cause which together with all the rest we had brought ourselves, we handed the lot over to the East Anglian Air Ambulance at Norwich Airport, where they are based. Many thanks to the EAAA for the welcome we received on our arrival and for the patience and clarity in answering our many questions, as well as their sharp exit when they demonstrated what happens when they get a call out! Again we were fortunate in our timing as if we had arrived a few minutes later we would have only seen the ‘chopper’ disappearing over the horizon.We raised nearly £65 in British currency plus a fair bit in Euros as well as many bags of mobile phones, foreign coins and printer cartridges. We have received a ‘Thank You’ Letter and Certificate from the Air Ambulance and all the donations will be ‘converted’ into money to fund their good work.

Altogether over 30 people took part in one way or another. Thanks to all who had any part in this, whether in planning, donating stuff, or actually doing the run and particularly to Fred And Simon.

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